The Antipoet’s Alternative Xmas message

Bringing their unique brand of irreverent comedy, music and poetry, The AntiPoet return to Under The Influence on Mon 15th Dec. For a sneak preview they’ve kindly sent us this alternative Christmas Message…
 The-AntipoetThe True Meaning of Christmas 
‘You’re forgetting the true meaning of 
Christmas!’ She said.
‘I am?’ I replied. ‘You mean that kid in the shed?’
‘Our lord and saviour was born in a stable.’
‘Are you sure?’ I baited, ‘I thought that was fable?’
-It was pagan tradition to decorate trees,
at the solstice of winter; their gods to appease:
the Romans god Bacchus said, ‘Eat, drink, be merry,
feast of the beast and the vine and the berry’.
The Americans stole Europeans folklores,
creating the hybrid they called Santa Claus.
Mix it all up with commercial allusions
and the meaning of Christmas is lost…..
to confusion. 
The Antipoet, Paul specifically, would rather Christmas didn’t happen. Both Ian and Paul have kept chickens (and ducks) so the mass slaughter of turkeys takes the edge of the season of good will, family and friend’s gatherings and the good cheer of rum and southern comfort, which is the bit they really like.
The Antipoet run their own nights in both London and the home counties and have tirelessly toured with appearances at countless festivals including, Glastonbury, Edinburgh & Larmer Tree.
They’ll be performing as part of the Under The Influence Christmas special on Mon 15th Dec at The Boogaloo.
Doors 7pm.
See more about The AntPoet here:

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