Xmas guest blog post: Alice Offley (The Lovers)

In anticipation of our special Alternative Xmas Service on Mon 15th Dec here’s a guest blog post from Alice Offley.
Alice Offley is a singer songwriter and multi-talented, mutli-instrumentalist who has performed at Under The Influence previously both as a solo artist and as part of her all female band The Lovers:
Christmas is my favourite time of year. When everyone is celebrating at the same time, a unified joy and fuzzy feeling in the air.

Oh And I LOVE all the Christmas songs.. Some classic pop writing …and how ‘the old ones ARE the best’ ( in the words of Slade).
It’s perfect how John Lennon and Paul McCartney each have their solo Christmas songs…ha, proves they were hit writing geniuses, together and apart..
And the  most ‘modern’ classic is still Mirah Carey’s,  from the 90’s!!
But I don’t mind a bit of retro,  so I’m not complaining.
I’m gonna cover ‘Lonely this Christmas’ by Mud.. It was written by chin and chapman (Im hopefully working with chapman in 2015!) #syncronicity
I heard that this song was intended to be in the style of some of Elvis’ ballads.
Elvis is my all time hero.. I went to Graceland and memphis this year to find him..
2014 has been brilliant.
Love u Elv.
And Merry Christmas everyone. Xx
Alice Offley (Dec 2014)

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