Here’s a list of the acts who have performed at Under The Influence to date:

Nat The Hammer, Belle Humble, Tom Mckean & The Emperors, Yo Zushi, Paul Hawkins, Sergeant Buzfuz, Gabriel Kain, James Mckeown, The Lucky Face,  Kit Sam Kirr, Man Or Mouse, David Cronenberg’s Wife, Matt Pollard, Bob Constant & The Goodbye Horses, Liz Arcane, Alone Trooper, James Saunders, The Joker & The Thief, The Reverse, Adam Donen, My Mate George, Steve White & The Protest Family, Helen McCookerybook, The Sneezy T’s, Matthew Neel, Betty Steeles, Darkwood, Rose Hotel, Adele Andromache, Slate Islands, Lee Nelson, Bonesetter, Richard Lamy’s A Disgrace, Velvet Stream, Orlando Seale & The Swell, Paolo Zanelli, Ruff John, Imperial Leisure, The Title Sequence, Meow, Acton Bell, Anna Page, Alien Jazz Party, Mark Nevin, Alex Tower, Rob McCabe (Tall Stories), Greg Hall, The Pie Trio, Local Girl Saves Planet, Kata, Matt Smith (Bang Bangs), Sara Lilly, Ben Tyzack (SpikeDrivers), Zeth Townsend, Ivor Game, The New Southpaw Soviet, Expansion Hall, Hatcham Social, Mercy, Singing Adams, Timothy Victor, Lewis Blofeld, Amy Fox, Depresstival, Laura Swain, The Massive Violins, Roger Askew & Olly Blanchflower, Shades Of Jade, Dana Immanuel, One Eyed Wayne, Domestic Aroma, Allman Brown, Mick Terry, ABoyNamedStu, The Big Fibbers, Colossal Youth, FallDownLooseLeaf, The Red Headed League, Daniel Fell, Fear Of The Forest, Lee McFadden, Malcolm Kaksois, Jowe Head & The Demi-Monde, Light Falls Forward, Maybe Myrtle Tyrtle, Valerie & Her Week Of Wonders, Miranda Quammie, John McIvor, Jenny Lockyer, Simon Kitchener, David Mosey, Jack Wiseman, 16 Hole Boots, The AntiPoet, Mide, Dylan Walshe, Phil Jordan, Jade Townsend, Wildcuts (Fourth & Fulsom), The Melting Ice Caps, Rob Britton (Ex-Luxembourg), David Barnett, Martin Stephenson, The Magnetic Mind, The Home Office, Guy Harries, Trees & The Slipway, Grace Petrie, Jack Valero, The Bobby McGees, Jam Tarts, Albino, Susanna Catz, JJ Crash, Anukita Khan, Keith Top Of The Pops & his Minor UK Indie Celebrity All Star Backing Band, The RPMs, Pelvic Floor, Cronin, K Anderson, The Silver Rays, Joe Goode, Paul Freeland, Alastair Smyth, Echo Trails, Jack Vincent, Limbo, Emma Wilson, Rick Jakubowski, Jeannine Barry, Rotifer, Maria Byrne, James Wolff, Morgan Sunday, Chroma, Into The HeadWind, Country Al, e-CogZer0, Counter Reset & Friends, Delphis & Eamon Mulvey, David & Rob (Ex-Luxembourg), Lotte Mullan, Tall Poppies, Ghost Town Showdown, Blind Atlas, Simon Stanley Ward, Suburban Dirts. John Blood, Bumi Thomas, Grace Banks, Papernut Cambridge, Citizen Helene, Pete Astor, Jack Hayter, Darren Hayman,