Pulp Blog Post 1: Rob Britton (Ex-Luxembourg)

In the first of a series of regular blog posts from acts performing at Under The Influence and ahead of our special tribute to PULP on Mon 18th Aug at The Boogaloo, Rob Britton (Ex-Luxembourg), tells us what PULP mean to him.

Although I had been a fan of Pulp from the TV broadcast of Glastonbury 1995 onwards, it wasn’t until 2000 that I truly fell in love with them. I was alone in London, having broken up with the person I moved here with, and with nothing but free time was escaping into music wherever I could. It was in this spirit that I rediscovered His n’ Hers, which I maintain is their best album. Doing the walk between Goodge Street and Golders Green that summer, the songs seemed the perfect fit to my (admittedly overly romanticised) plight. For all the banality and grime that Jarvis writes around, there’s an awful lot of defiance, certainly on that album – the Wilde thing of being in the gutter but looking at the stars. Something I really needed just then.

It was a long hot time of melodramatic longing, spiders in baths that I was too scared to move, failed attempts to drink away my woes when all I could afford was Lambrini and occasional awkward blow outs in The Monarch on a Saturday night. The perfect time to reach for the Pulp, really.

It was in this headset that I answered an advert for a guitar player in Loot and pottered along to Fulham, where I would meet David and the rest of Luxembourg. And, whaddya know? I got some friends, I got to pour all of the above into some songs and I even got the girl back, for a while. So cheers Pulp, thanks for the shoulder when I needed it. You’ll always be net curtains in the breeze and the smell of lavender Air Wick Fresh N’Up to me, and if that isn’t true love, then I don’t know what is.

Rob Britton 2014

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