Pulp night 18th Aug 2014

Thanks to everyone for coming down to our PULP special on Mon 18th Aug
Artists performing and covers were as follows:
Delphis & Eamon Mulvey: My Body May Die.
Nat The Hammer: Underwear
James Saunders: Sorted For E’s & Whizz
David & Rob: Ansaphone & Bar Italia
Lotte Mullan: Disco 2000
Rotifer: Babies
Tall Poppies: Razzamatazz
Sergeant Buzfuz: Wickerman
All the acts singalong: Common People

Here’s a few great¬†pictures taken by Alex Adlam-Perry.

tall poppies-pulp

Tall Poppies




James Saunders

singalong pulp

Singalong “Common People”



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