Pulp Blog Post 2: Lotte Mullan

In preparation for our tribute to PULP on Mon 18th Aug at The Boogaloo, here’s the second in a series of blog posts written by acts performing. Today: Lotte Mullan.
Lotte has built a dedicated following with her intimate narrative songs. She spent two years touring before heading to Nashville to make an album with Band Of Horses. The first single ‘I Hope It Breaks Your Heart’ trended on Folk Radio’s Soundcloud, hitting over 60k streams and was played on BBC Radio 2 and 6 music.

My love affair with Pulp began off the back of an early obsession with Sleeper and Elastica. The early nineties Brit pop scene was introduced to me by my Step mum who’d make me compilations I could sulk to in my bedroom. I was only about 11 but this music made sense to me; it talked about wood chip walls and feelings of awkwardness and inferiority – an honest approach to rock n roll if you will.


I suppose in retrospect it could be seen as tales of the underdog but at the time I thought it was the coolest thing I’d heard. When Jarvis Cocker pulled a moony during Michael Jackson’s ‘Earth Song’ at the Brit awards he cemented himself as a hero in my mind forever. I have since recovered from my penchant for brown chord flares but I’ll never tire of the witticism of ‘Common People’ and it’s acute social observations even as I watch my “life slide out of view, and dance and drink and screw, because there’s nothing else to do”.

Lotte Mullan (Aug 2014)


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