Bob Marley Blog Post 1: Betty Steeles

In the lead up to her performance at our BOB MARLEY night on Mon 15th Sept at The Boogaloo, Betty Steeles tells us what BOB MARLEY means to her.

Betty has performed several times at UTI and is a real favourite with the crowd. She has a beautiful voice and sings with unusual and unique arrangements, whether stripped down to just a ukelele or using guitar loop pedals to create a beautiful tapestry of sound and noise.

Bob Marley was to me someone who mixed politics and poetry to make some beautifully powerful music, at times tackling difficult subjects that people who are oppressed go through. Yes he smoked weed and had dreadlocks, but from my experience, he spoke more sense and tried to bring people together to promote positivity and self empowerment, much more than many people in power do.

Betty Steeles

             Betty Steeles           picture (c) Emma Marshall 2014

I first heard him when I was quite young on a TV advert, I think, “Every little thing’s gonna be alright..“, but I really listened more in my early twenties. I loved ”No more trouble“ that just about sums it up …

I am currently playing and writing new songs, with a slightly bluesy lo-fi  feel. This summer I joined a choir at Southbank and sang in the Festival of Love. It was a wonderful experience.

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Betty Steeles (Sept 2014)

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