50th Event Blog Post 2: Tall Poppies

In the lead up to our special 50th event on Mon 20th October here’s our second guest blog from Tall Poppies, who talk about their influences and what 1964 means to them.

Tall Poppies are an East London alternative indie folk act fronted by Aussie twin sisters. Their tunes are well crafted melodic, rock, harmonic, poppy affairs backed by Diarmuid on violin and recently joined by Doug (former Noah and the Whale member) on drums. The band have released two albums and taken their songs around the globe.

We’re thrilled to have been asked back to Under The Influence at the Boogaloo. Tall Poppies have always drawn influence from the sixties. It started with the discovery of the  Beatles hard days night and was forced on us anyway by mum’s copy of the Heartbeat soundtrack on repeat.


Looking at the list of 1964 most popular songs it is striking the number of familiar classic tunes.

Has Pop evolved much since? These were defining times. Our hair has been bobbed thanks to the offers of Vidal Sassoon hairdressers since our arrival in London. Our first album was called ‘Thursday,’ a nod to the word used in 60s fashion shoots to achieve certain kitsch expressions.  Joanna Lumley demonstrates it well in Ab Fab.

When we were rehearsing the song for Under The Influence a member of staff at the studio popped her head in nodding approvingly  and pointing to her tattoo of Jim Morrison. I don’t know if that was cos we were playing it wrong or a sign of how influential the tunes of 1964 were on acts to follow. Lets go with the latter for proof of the point, the 60s rock.

Tall Poppies (Oct 2014)

Website: http://www.thetallpoppies.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tallpoppiesmusic

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